When you are from the village and when the village is in you!


Ni soft and fresh ?

Nifungie ya kumi 

Yes! It’s a business context , a venture I have realized I have passion and energy for .being a known business lady in my area is a plus for me , I have been exposed in ways to survive by making a living out of businesses ,well , valid business.
Recently , I discovered my love for roasting maize (kuchoma mahindi) you must be thinking of me as mad and greatly out of my mind but there is a lot of money in that business especially in this harsh weather .

Back then in highschool, ‘kuchoma mahindi’ meant you went for a funkie ‘ and you never spoke to anyone or rather you never got hooked up! Haha

Karibu customer , onja kidogo uskie vile ni tamu “
My marketing skills are evident in the sale and the customer seems to be enjoying the maize .
Why do you do this business?” He asks

He is not the only one who had asked me that question ,many people wonder why I do that .
Aah, it’s a good business” I reply briefly as I ‘pepeta‘ the jiko .
It’s rare to find ladies of my age doing that kind of business, many see it as one that should be left to older men and women and not girls .
True , many older men and women are found in such kinds of business ,many are our parents and guardians who through that , they meet our basic needs .
That reminds me .
There are always some similarities and differences ; when you are from the village and when the village is in you , you get it?
When you are from the village,and advance to higher institutions of learning or when you are employed in a town or a city, you have to adopt new ways of doing things for example back then in the village , the response of any greetings is always “salama or mzuri” most of the time but it will gradually change to “fiti , poa ” you see
When the village is in you, you remain true to yourself ,I mean , if someone greets you “niaje!” A simple “salama ” follows
Other relatable examples can be with the dress code . When you are from the village , at first one is conservative but as civilization gets in, most of the people from the village become slay queens .I won’t comment on that , I totally have no problem with that ,so I will leave it up to you to say something .

When the village is in you on the other hand, it is hard for you to change .that’s how you were , that’s what the society wants you to be and that is how you will live …you understand?

So , where are you? I know am a girl from the village ,with the village at heart, hustling in the city ,that’s why I tell tales of the village!

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Many young people keep off from small business opportunities such as selling groundnuts , roasting maize and all others viewed as inferior jobs .most see them as shameful and not their type ! Well , most influential people and richest people started from humble beginnings .

Let’s do the math . For a person selling roasted maize , a maize cob costs about 5-10/= and is sold for 20- 25 prevent higher, depending on the season .That is more than half the profit per cob and on a normal day , let’s day you roast 100 maize cobs ,that’s atleast 2000/= on a daily basis ,in a week you can realize upto 10,000/= from the business !

Well,not that am advocating all of you to be ‘maize roasters ‘ what I mean , don’t cry for lack of opportunities,create one for yourself with the little you can . It doesn’t matter what other people think,just go for it and you will soon rise .

My concern is , what makes young people shy away from small business opportunities?


  1. “Ati mimi na first class yangu nipatikane nkiuza njugu na kahawa? Minus me heheh.” You understand what I mean? It shall be seen as a waste of energy getting that first class only to come and sell “cremated Zea mays” heheh. There are many factors that keep people from the small business opportunities: One factor can be that they have never lived in a ghetto/village set up to understand that one can eke a living out of menial jobs; the despising of humble beginnings as a result of the lack of a long term view of the small business opportunities; or worse still the “you can do better” notion that clouds them to think better means “white collar.” Anyway, that’s my view heheh


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