EXCLUSIVE: Check out the story of a young girl in the streets of Nairobi .


I have never had such a life changing experience like the one I had a couple of days ago. I don’t think I will ever forget because it awaken a spirit in me . I don’t think I have ever thanked God for my life like I did that day . I mean , we are so fortunate to have a good life ,well , despiteL the hard times we go through like the month of January.

What comes across your mind when you meet a street child ? Do you at first think that they will snatch your bag and run away? Or beg for a coin or two for one and two ? What do you always think of them? Perhaps filthy and unworthy,right ?

‎ She was dressed in fitting dark blue jeans short , with a pink vest ,jungle green Marvin  and pink airmax shoes or ‘sports shoes ‘ , you may know it easily . Her clothes were neat and you couldn’t tell any problem in her . Other boys in her gang were following her ,since she was courageous enough to beg for food and whatever they could eat .

‎  My friends and I were meeting for some meeting at the park that day . As usual , there are many hawkers ,beggers ,preachers and all sorts of people who stopped by .

‎ Do you ever wonder why many  people  always make their way to resting areas especially the parks to just sleep ?  Sometimes we don’t  even imagine ourselves sleeping under those shades  but to some ,that’s a home they know of .

‎ “Aunty , nisaidie na hii crisps zako,” the young girl we had been watching all along ,asked .

‎There is this reply we all have whenever we meet beggers on the street and we can’t leave them a coin or two . Normally we say, “si leo” but on this day , I  was good .

‎ “shika, lakini usiende Kwanza”  I  requested her to stay around for a chat .

‎ “Sasa unaitwaje ?”I asked her ,her name.

‎”Joyce, but wananiita Joycee” She replied .

‎she was so so courageous to talk about herself despite the effect of glue she was sniffing .

I remember how touching it was when she told us the story of her life . She just turned 18 recently but her past is one she may not want to remember at all . Her mother passed away and was left with an uncaring dad.

‎”Where is your dad? ” I remember asking her .

‎”He is just there ,”she replied

‎”He is not supportive at all, that is why I ran away from home .”

‎ It was thirty minutes past 3pm   and the park was now packed .Children were happily playing , running around the park . Some had their faces were painted ,while some had  balloons on their heads , flying kites and jumping around .

‎”I wished I had such a life when I was growing up ” I thought.

‎ Joyce was my choice that moment, despite the many many destructions . At that time , we were joined by two of our friends who were joining us for the meeting. However,  we had to delay the meeting in order to listen to Joyce . As a matter of fact , our meeting was about children like them.

‎ Do you think young girls living in the street can prevent the risk of sexual harrasment? Well, your guess is as right as mine . Joyce is always at the risk of sexual abuse every day . She narrated how on a typical day, she never misses sexual abuse from fellow street family or people ‘willing’ to buy her good at the end of the day .

‎ she lives in Gikomba , she calls it ‘baze ‘ Where on a normal day, she spends her night in  ‘vibandas’ sometimes littered with unpleasant smells but that is where she rests everyday and she is used to .

‎ “Would you like to change your life and live a better life?” A friend of mine asked .

‎”First of all, I have a child “she said

‎Her response left all of us shocked . How did she manage? Who was responsible? There were many questions we wanted to know but when she continued, we were left broken hearted .

‎”My child was stollen ,”she said in a sad tone. ” Many of my friends thought I sold the child ,but that was not the case. ” She said . Apparently, the child was traced to one children’s home .

‎Joyce needed more than counselling. She needed a way  she could change her way of life in order to take care of her child . However, that could not be possible  since it would take time.

‎  ‎Joyce needed more than counseling. She needed a way she could change her way of life in order to take care of her child. How can I mention to you how much she wishes to change her life and have a house, with a job to sustain herself and the child? She longed for the day her child could have a belonging and not live in the street.

We set a date with Joyce later during the week with that followed where she would be treated for dinner and chat from one of us.

Amazing smiles.

To be continued…

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  1. You have painted the real picture of what I will call the plight of street urchins whose intensity increases by the virtue that the child in question is a girl. I have blossoming hope that she will one day encounter a fresh, fancy and fascinating beginning.


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