Our home,our motherland -KENYA  


Home of people so friendly ,

An abode to many tribes and races 

Together speaking love and unity 

Unified to achieve tranquility

Different tongues  yet same language;

Speak of warm people , charming

Speak of cultures inculcated exorbitantly

Speak of our motherland, speak of a heaven on Earth . 
We are your children,
Sired to beautify our nation 

Intellectually we shine in our education

Spiritually we bind in our religion

Kenya our home , 

To you do we take pride in 

To you do we broaden our smiles

How beautiful you are ,as we marvel at your magnificence! 
Let’s go to the east ! Where the sun rises ,

Painting the horizon at its best ,

And experience the hills of chyulu ,

Pass by Tsavo to catch it’s exemplary  beauty 

Let’s go to the west! 

Where a hill weeps ! 

And the people rich in culture 

The national cake’s greatest consumers , ugali of course their delicacy 

Let’s go to the South 

And experience the Sandy beaches of the coast 

Forget not the north , 

And experience the chalbi desert,

You will love ,you will live , you will appreciate our motherland.

Hail our country,hail Kenya 
I stand for my country ,

As the world stand in honor​of our athletes

As the flag is hoisted above Nations,

A moment of reckoning for our county,

It’s our pride , it’s our motherland

Hail Kenya ,hail ! 


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