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If you push me to the wall, I will kick . These are not my words .
Sister Ruffina was our deputy principal at our high school. She was the most feared teacher ever . Not because she could spoil the rod and spoil your sitting apparatus but because she was just a genius! She was long sighted but could spot you when you try to hide from her especially when you few meters from her .
Was that so obvious? Well ,she was mostly feared because of her saying “if you push me to the wall, I will kick’
On Friday night as I was walking in town , (don’t ask me where I was coming from nor where I was heading to ) I met this this old time friend of mine . It was such a great coincidence since we bumped into each other in town , specifically at Agha Khan walk .
“Enyewe watu hukutana” he lamented
At that time of the night , the town is always full especially at that place where all sorts of activities are always going on; a bunch of talented thieves, singing groups ,beggers and lost people in time always assemble there . For that day , and I retariate, it was such a great coincidence .
We found a place to sit ,under those tall trees that if you are not keen , birds’ droppings could land on you .
” You have really grown Daisy , it’s almost 10 years since we met!”
“I know , don’t even mention… I never thought you would grow this big too! I bet you should be married now! ” I marveled
His facial expression changed when I said that . Did I provoke him? Did I awaken any bad memories ? What did I say kwani?
‘Daisy , alot has happened within the period that we lost contact.’ he said , in a now low tone .
“Mmh” I said as I keenly await his story ,keenly and patiently like how I always am when someone explains to me a movie that I have never watched and not even planning to watch ,like the new episode of Game of Thrones.
“Dee, I lost the love of my life 10 years ago …”
“But..”I interupted
“I lost her to the world , I gave up on her so easily while I had the chance to make her happy ” he said .
“It’s a long story , I don’t think I can summarize all now . What are you up to now ? Do you mind we talk all of it over coffee or something? ”
“Ok sure ” I replied.

We walked over to the coffee house at Reinsurance Plaza . 

“Coffee , please” he placed and order .

As we sipped the hot black coffee with creamer,the way I always like, he continued with the story of his life .
“Do you still remember Jay? The guy who went for priesthood? ”
Before I could reply, he went on;
‘ Jay and I were rivals , we all wanted the same girl . We had a deal with him that may the best man win. I was a threat to him then because the girl he loved had eyes for me but looked at him as a friend and then was nothing beyond that . He wanted someone who would tell him how he loves him . While looking for that time to come, he realized his calling was not for going for the holy matrimony but to serve God .
His decision took me off the race. I felt less able to love the girl the way he did .we agreed that we would go away and hope for the best for her , we always had her in our prayers and everytime we met with Jay, we still remind ourselves. I had the chance, but I didn’t utilize. I was less a man, I wasn’t courageous enough to fight for what I wanted and for the lady who would complete me. ” With tears rolling down , he narrated .
“Don’t tell me you did all that for me! ” I said .
“Circumstances forced me ,” he said .

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  1. Hi Daisy, Hope you are well, I feel and think this is a better platform for me to get in touch with your poems than whatsap, congrats keep the creativity in gd shape,

    Regards, Hassan.


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