Across the border view of keiyo escarpment. Pic : Daisy Yator

I looked up to the hill
Where does my zeal come from?
My zeal comes from the 10th hill
And the real deal of the deity
Who made the world
And took his precious time on the 10 hills
For it is a spectacular scenery
Filled with hope and love
Joy written on their face
As the white teeth display peace
Peace by piece with all people

Look at the trees
Swinging and swaying singing songs
‘oh come rain, leave us not in vain’
As the animals rejoice to the tune
And happily the elephants of Rimoi
Continue to dwell
The road uphill is nothing but a joy
Of sights and scenes of spectacular scenery
Up to the the 10th hill

The road up hill
Leads to not only a home
But a place where love lives
A place where dreams live
An abode of hope
For it’s high altitude sets the attitude of winning and running the world
It’s the home of champions

The road uphill is a motivation
To gear up for a good cause
And appreciate every corner
Willing to wander in the winding road
For the meanders are an opportunity
An opportunity to accelerate
And gear up to conquer
For there are better views from the hill
And we will be there to catch the cool breeze
As we enjoy the sight of the valley

Iten view point

One of my most memorable moments was on this perfect morning when we hit the road downhill for a team building experience with my fellow church youths . The walk is not for the faint hearted nor for the unfit. One needs some kind of energy to match the pull of gravity.

On this particular day , we started off from Iten heading to Cheploch gorge , about 30 kilometers down hill on our twos . It was all merry and excitement before the scorching sun of the valley started spreading it’s rays on the visitors. Halfway to our destination, we found a ‘good’ Samaritan who offered us all a lift .

One by one ,we hoped into the giant canter machine ,securing ourselves a comfortable place. The lorry was big enough to accommodate the 70 of us .oh well, we had no option and as we were going down the meandering road,we really enjoyed being swayed and it reminded us of what it was like in the olden days of slavery. On the other hand ,we had a better view of the valley and the beautiful scenery. That is a story for another day.

A lorry gearing up the meandering road. Pic: Freeboy Chemisto.

Happy 2019 dear reader.



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