Life after Campus: One year later


How is life treating you? It’s been a minute!

Time flies really fast , it was just the other day when I was over the moon, having finished the final lap of 8.4.4 education. The end of that period was the beginning of “life out there” as we had been told growing up.

Growing up, any time I watched wedding shows with my mum, she would remind me that those people took their education seriously, that is why they had their lavish wedding on Tv.

Growing up, we listened to so many scripts about life out there, how life is so good and You Only Live Once. However on the flip side of the script, we were told that life hard , you have to work hard. I was born and raised in the vast Highlands of the Tenth Hill ,  at the heart of the Great Rift Valley.

Growing up in this place has had a great impact on how I view life. Life is a marathon , 

During my last semester in campus, I was torn between starting life in Nairobi or moving back to the village. The city had become home, I had made new friends and I could hardly get lost in town. The city had embraced me and I felt I should not betray the city. Additionally, the thought of moving my clothes back to the village was just not adding up. One consolation was that my clothes could still be worn back in the village as I had not changed as much , only in body size.

Life in university was a whole new experience , mixed with freedom and new energy. I loved every bit of it .Well, it wasn’t that easy, but I am an optimist.  One of the scariest experiences were in the few days you would receive it a message on the class  WhatsApp group, ” Results are out, Check your portal.

First work experience

When I was in my last semester, I was afraid of the ever changing and complicated corporate world, especially with high rates of unemployment which most young people can relate with.

Tuesday 24th April 2019 marked my first day in office.I managed to secure a place for compulsory industrial attachment, at a PR and marketing agency in Nairobi.This was after numerous applications and regret emails.

I was excited about the new experience and couldn’t wait to make my debut in my new work place. It was a cold and rainy Wednesday morning ,I woke up with mixed feelings of joy and a cup full of tension in my body, thinking how I could make a first good impression .

For my first day,I was dressed in black official trousers and blue blouse , heavy jacket and low wedges. That day, everyone came in their casual outfits and I was there, looking like the assistant CEO ????

The attachment period went pretty well, at least I was with a fellow attache , and we always stuck together , had our chit chats and so many ambitious plans.We had planned on how we would spend our monthly stipend to spoil ourselves and enjoy what life has to offer. We had not even seen the contract!

Embarrassing moments.

I have never felt so embarrassed like that! On one occasion , we were organizing an event for our client. Our supervisor mentioned that we would go for a dry run of the event. We took it lightly ,as we imagined we would just visit the venue shortly and leave. We were ushered into our client’s boardroom , later the big bosses of that organisation came in as well as other suppliers. Before the meeting started, everyone had their notebook on the table. Unfortunately, my fellow intern and I did not carry our notebooks. We looked at each other in confusion and  panic , mumbling “aki tumechoma”  (we have spoiled our reputation) then over to our supervisor,whom we could sense was already embarrassed. I could hear him whispering to one of the guests , “they are just interns , still new”

Oh well , we learn and grow! 

The fun bits

Fine dining , during clients events ???? .When you work with a PR/communication agency, you will never miss an event or two in luxurious hotels in the city.

Meeting Influential people – for a younger self , that was so exciting , but you just have to play cool and assume that you are used to seeing them.

Engagement with the media – this was fun and sometimes challenging, since publicity/media engagement is what we sometimes aim to achieve.

What I learned from my first job ,apart from skills I gained.

  • Be willing to learn.
  • Colleagues make work to be fun
  • Be willing to take responsibilities.
  • Be confident.
  •  Always carry your notebook /writing materials 
  • Move when it is time

One year later, life is still a learning process, full of ups and downs but we thank God and hope for the best!

The reality of life dawned on me during the first few months after school , having to balance work and life . Nothing fancy , but just keeping up with life , as I had also started living alone, for the first time in my life ! I still can’t believe I managed to cope up with living alone for one year now! That is another experience I will share one day.

How was your first time in a work environment?

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  1. Like wine which matures and becomes sweeter with age, you have grown, become more intelligent, more creative and more interesting in your writing. Fantastic piece


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