How do you do it?
why did you do it?
what audacity did you have to do that to me after all I had done for you?

silence scares me , especially when its someone I knew and trusted and I had them in mind. Silence makes me anxious , makes me scared , makes me overthink that you might be out of this world. Silence makes me doubt my last statement,like..
was I supposed to add a full stop or did you not understand when I inserted an emoticon?
I am paranoid , you must be thinking.
but there was this day I was walking home, tired and dusty. I has not rained in a long time . It is a busy road,full of weird people , yes, I might be weird as well because I am usually in my old long black trench coat that probably has seen more dust and is sure in thirst , together with my black-grey scarf and from their eyes, they seem not to understand why I am in heavy clothes.
This road is usually interesting. At one point , you will notice men and women in high spirits ,from their eyes, you can tell the festival that they were coming from. Across the road ,you notice a group of pupils from school , happily walking home with their hands on each other’s back and a group of boys walking behind girls , mimicking how they walk , trying all sorts to catch their attention, I am guessing they were shooting their shot.(It starts early enough )
Moving on, just across there is a stinky-not-so stinky sewage that has been overpowered by the aroma of samosas and bhajias and you can tell from the people waiting for them to come out of the pan and into their mouth. one samosa costs ksh 5 and with bhajia ,you get what you can afford . Interestingly, I have been one of the customers for some time now.

Do you sometimes want something that your mind is in absolute denial?
well , in as much as I know roadside things are not good for consumption, I am drawn to buy one …at least, “if it goes wrong, we are many”
Apparently, it has never gone wrong.
A few meters, there is this church which is always on full blast but you will never understand what is being preached apart from “hallelujah” in a powerful and striking tone.
A few meters ahead , I meet two women and a little girl,” one of the ladies must be her mother” , I thought. Before long, I heard the child shouting,

“hata baba leo atakuchapa “

You don’t want to know what happened later .
These streets are lethal, if a kid can speak like that and does not receive a hot slap, that’s really dangerous. If it was me back in the village, you could receive hot lectures from your own clan.

That kid got me thinking about the thinking how good it can be to spoil a child than a rod,especially like one on this road…Twisted, right?
I almost entered a local  church nearby which I am sure does not entertain that kind of lubbish  to pray for that child’s future. The way you can hear the preacher casting away demons and  speaking in tongues all day all night. That is a story for another day.
That was just a by the way.
In other news,

WE JUST TURNED 4 ! Thank you for being part of the 10,000+ in the  journey. 


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