His and hers


His heart felt warm at her sight
Like it was the most beautiful creature he had seen
Like it was an angel he had seen
Like it was beautifully curved sculpture
His eyes tempted ,ready as a vulture
to swoop ,their culture,
But she was unique
Her uttermost beauty spoke the loudest
He was for her, but was she his’?

He gazed at her beautiful eyes
Innocent written in her
No man has ever touched her ,
She is the envy of many
She , the beauty of them all
She, the prudent of them all
She ,the one he wants for a wife
He wants a wife ,but was he the husband she wants ?

She is of a class ,

He is ,in a school ,to learn how to fit in

So she would accept him as he is

He loves her so much ,

Yet so little to fit into her standards,

He ,down to earth he remains

Waiting for her ,for to her , he is nothing



A case of hopeless romantic? Then read the following piece. 

 Jay is one person I vowed never to hurt . He is that person I can consult whenever I needed to make great decisions,school work and any type of consultation I needed . He is that type of person you can joke with ,cry with and feel very well with . Was he bae? You could be wondering  . 

 Jay is one person I loved hanging out with , since he is an easy going person who would make you very comfortable to talk to  and  speak your heart out . He would be that person I would call late in the night when I couldn’t sleep but still managed to listen to me and make me feel well again . He is always sharp in class , sharp dresser  and a person who is always focused in life .in this era those kind of men are hard to find , especially fluent Swahili and English speakers , those who shave neatly ; simply presentable person ,whom you could introduce to your parents any time as your friend and immediately they click as if they had known each other for the longest time . You know, especially if you have typically Kenyan parents , bearing in mind how hard it is to introduce a friend from opposite sex.

 Jay was simply a good person. 

Being from the same village, we were warned from being close to each other  . It was hard to separate the two of us since we had created a great bond with each other that we had promised each other that in some few years we would name our children each other’s name . If Incase I had a baby boy,he would be Jay and Incase he got a baby girl,she would be named Daisy . 

It was was weird how we never mentioned the fact that we might have a ‘thing’ in future and that  our paths would meet . 

PS:We never dated with Jay

Jay was simply my confidant . He was very okay with that since we have been best friends since our childhood and besides ,we were neighbours, those who you would run to whenever you lacked even some basic items at home like salt , unga ,you know how life is in the countryside. So ,we couldn’t dare date because of that closeness.

On a day like this one day, he came to my home very early in the morning . He was smartly dressed; a slim fit suit ,a CK watch  and his cologne .he was at his best that day . I got so excited since I thought he had got a job ,since in the previous 6 months he had been up and down with his papers . I was sure he was about to give me the news that he had found a job . 

“Daisy, there is something that I want to tell you ,”uninterrupted ,he continued, 

“You are my best friend,God knows how much I love you , how I would have wished that we were more than friends” 
“Jay ,what do you mean !” I interjected

“I don’t think I will ever love someone else the way I loved you ” 

At this time I was almost into tears. I k ew he loved me ,but definitely as a friend.

“I have been working on some things for the last one year and the day has come for me to finally tell you . Remember I did this not out of my own interest but the will of God. ”

“Don’t tell me you are flying out of the country! ” I yelled.

” I am joining seminary today Daisy ” he said. 


  1. The topic is exquisite, it takes you into a world of romance and finally brings the bomb,It cannot work out. Such a piece only comes from geniuses. Keep them coming dear

  2. That moment when the story seems more a reality than a story to you, and you have to reread it again and again.
    Nice article Daisy ????????????

  3. A heartfelt article
    I love it Daisy ..
    but how could you just let a man of that greatness just go .. some of us are struggling to be a sample of that


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