Hi 5 ! Five lessons I have learnt and A toast to 5 years of blogging


“Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts. You need to start somewhere.” Anne Lamott

I look at my first pieces of writing and laugh at myself. However , it is part of growth and learning .
One of the greatest challenge in writing is the notion that you are not good enough than the rest. My journey in writing started in high school , through poetry. Back then , I had a poetry book with over 100 short poems ranging from my thoughts about the society and not to forget , love poems.

At some point , one of my poems was presented in the national music festivals ,you can imagine the joy! Read it here as a solo verse and Through My Eye which was later published in an anthology (Through the Journey of Hope )by Writers Guild Kenya.

Five Key Lessons I have Learnt 

  1. Writing can indeed take you places and land you opportunities.
  2. Writing builds one’s professional profile.
  3. Writing is an art that paints the picture of a particular society.
  4. Writing is key to preserving historic events.
  5. Writing is therapeutic ;it  frees your mind.

Another lesson which is key is consistency. Well,for my case , I was very consistent for the first three years of blogging. However , I was hit by writers block.This is a common challenge most writers get  and there are so many recommendations to overcoming that.

To add on , cultivating a reading culture helps sharpen your writing. Well, this reminds me of Gabriel Dinda ,the father of writers at Writers Guild Kenya.Wherever you meet him, he will ask you what book you are reading and how many you intend to read. Well, I am guilty there. 

I have met people who would like to start writing , but feel short of energy to do it. Well, what I have learnt fro other writers is that you just have to start from where you are, using what you have and capitalizing on available channels . This includes writing a few lines a day , which builds up to paragraphs and later a whole page. This may seem as a cliche but you just have to TRY.

However , some may want to start writing as a way of earning a living. This may take some time, depending with your type of  content and the traffic on your site. This may make your blog popular enough to win marketers’eye.

In most of my publications, I have banked on my personal experiences. By penning those experiences , they helped to free my mind and receive feedback and encouragement from people going through the same path.

My future plans

Through my eyes, the future looks promising , the future holds an opportunity for using this platform to share pertinent issues in the society, though poetry ,short stories as well as feature interviews.

I hope to use this platform for young people to publish their posts, especially on topical issues related to Sustainable Development Goals.

However, I don’t want to over promise, let’s just wait and see how the future will be.

Cheers to 5th Anniversary at Duez Trends




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