Black illusion ; coolest hip-hop /RnB group . Check out their individual profile 


Have you ever heard of black illusion?  I bet you have heard about the group and if not , stick around to learn about these young talented musicians .
Black Illusion is an Alternative Hip-hop and RnB group.

The group strives to bring good vibrations amongst a different people racially in terms of age and nationality.
It is a group made up of young talented blokes with elite mind-sets in a way to interact with everyone to take the local music international.

The best of black illusion

  • How we do it.
  • Always have.
  • 411.
  • Working

You may want to find out more about these young talented fellows. 

1.Name: Clinton Kaida

Stage name: Hype Clynchy

Part played: Manager

Instagram handle: hype_clynchy 

Age: 21 years

Kaida, the group’s manager is a talented youngster with a heart for upcoming artists.

His managerial skills are astonishing due to his exposure to the outside world and being an event organizer, hyping has taken him around Kenya making him a well known individual.

He is a very kind hearted person and a well composed guy with everything in his life put together.

He is cunning but an easy person to be around.

2. Name: Kung’u Brian

Stage name: Young Louie

Part played: Super Rapper/Song writer

Instagram handle: young_louie_254

Age: 20 years

He is the co-founder, he’s also a skilled lyricist with a golden touch of powerful rhymes and flow.

His raspy voice will make you want to put the song on repeat. (Ladies be like; awwww)

His personality and seriousness places the group in check and moving.

He is commonly known as “The One Take Wonder” for taking one takes during recording sessions.

In person he is witty, fun and easy to be around. 
3.Name: Vincent Mbijiwe

Stage name: Lil Vince

Part played: Lead Vocalist/Song writer

Instagram handle: _lilvince

Age: 20 years
Lil Vince , a co-founder to Black Illusion is exceptionally talented. With a uniquely melodious voice, he makes Black Illusions music more quality rated.

He incorporates his personality in his musical orientation which makes his RnB musical style more relatable to.

Personally, he is a goofy, fun guy to be around. Yet, supportive of everyone’s talents 

Name: Peris Njeri

Stage name: Yummy Mummy

Part played: Vocalist

Instagram handle: perisnjeri254

Age: 20 years

Peris, the exceptionally talented singer shows her musical expertise every time she hits the mic.
The lovely songstress inco-operates her melodious musicality and beauty to make Black Illusion’s music easy for the air.

She is the one that keeps the boys in check whenever they try act cheeky but still .
5.Name: MartinAugustine Muraguri.

Stage name: GUS. [Foolish Feleb]

Part played: Vocalist

Instagram handle: martin_augustine

Age: 20 years

He is a vocalist at Black Illusion, a strong believer and lover of humanity. 
He is a humble hearted and easy to live with. In his free time, he enjoys making jokes.

check out their greatest jam here

Keep it up guys ,follow your passion

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