A proactive Communication professional , with passion in using the new media to highlight the good, the bad as well as the ugly in the society. I love working with diverse groups of people on our day to day life. One of my interest areas includes SDG 5, Gender Equality and SDG13 ,Climate Action. Through this blog, I hope to highlight the gaps in the two pertinent issues. I graduated from Multimedia University with a degree in Bachelor of Applied Communication , Corporate Communication option. I have had vast experience in PR industry as well as NGO sector. I am usually smiling, you should check me out on my social media platforms!

Illicit brew

Illicit brews the killer! kills dreams kills hope hope of a better nation hope of a better familly family livesbin dire poverty because of the brew the killer brew on one...

What love took from me..

What love took from me. Love took from me my heart It wasnt the same heart It had veins filled with love It got itself a place in...

History of my poems..

I had prayed hard that one day i would discover my talent.. i thought of singing but was always caught off key.. thought of...

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